Slideshow: Change IE in Windows 8 to open links in desktop mode every time

No address bar nor search box – not for me thank you very much.

There are many new features of Microsoft Windows 8 that will be great for tablets and touch devices, but will be annoying as all get out for desktop users. This is a major complaint among many of the Windows 8 naysayers. However, many of these little annoyances can be avoided with a simple configuration tweak. If you use Internet Explorer on a desktop system, this should be one of the first adjustments you make in Windows 8.

Metro IE

By default, when you click on a web link in the Windows 8 Metro UI, Internet Explorer will open that web page in the Metro UI version of IE. This opens the browser page in full screen with now navigation buttons, address bars, etc. similar to what you see here.

This slideshow is also available as a post in the TechRepublic Microsoft Windows Blog.

Images by Mark Kaelin for TechRepublic


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Sorry your comments are not entirely correct. First, all Windows applications are fitted with a right mouse click function, which is also available on Windows 8 Metro. Using the right mouse click option on Windows Internet Browser on Windows 8 Metro will trigger exactly what is missing and discussed in the article above. So a right mouse click on either top or the bottom of the screen and is also available in Windows 8 Metro will enable you with simple clicks to, few other open pages, see the title bar, add and bookmark options and much more. On Tablet PCs and Windows phones this function is triggered through a double pressing on the screen or pressing the screen for a few seconds. To your claims, I do not see an disadvantage rather an improvement to visibility and interruptions reducing displayed contents on any sized screens unnecessarily. Personally, I see new application developments challenging on site of a developer, but an huge improvement for end user of all ages and skill levels. At last but not least,??not all changes and modifications are wrong and bad rather see it as easing the burden of double handling as such requested in other non Windows/Microsoft systems, Working smarter not harder.??


one will actually have to USE IE?!?!? Yet another fail for 8.