Slideshow: Create your own Classic Start Menu in Windows 7

Add Help, Run, and Shutdown

Help and Support - To create a shortcut to Help and Support, click the Windows 7 Start button, type Help in the Search box, and when Windows Help and Support appears in the results list, right click it. Then, select Send to | Desktop (create shortcut) command.

Run - To create a shortcut to the Run dialog box, click the Windows 7 Start button and, type Run in the Search box. Then follow the above steps to create a shortcut on the Desktop.

Shut Down - To create a shortcut to the Shut Down Command, right click on the Desktop and select the New | Shortcut command. When you see the Create Shortcut dialog box, type the following in the Location text box:
Shutdown.exe -s

To continue, click Next and save the shortcut with the name Shut Down.

Now, restore Windows Explorer and move all the shortcuts from your Desktop to the Start Menu folder. Because this folder is a special system folder, you will see a Destination Folder Access Denied dialog box, and will have to click the Continue button to proceed with the Move operation.

This Slideshow Gallery is also available as an entry in the Windows Blog and in the PDF format as a TechRepublic Download.

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