Slideshow: Disable the Windows 8 Lock screen

Enabling Requirements Filters will narrow down the number of settings

Using Filters

Now, before I show you how to disable the Lock screen from the in the Local Group Policy Editor, let me take a moment to show you a little trick.

There are quite a few new settings for Windows 8 in the Local Group Policy Editor that you might be interested in learning about, but finding them can be time consuming due to the fact that there are still a lot of settings in Local Group Policy Editor that are designed only for previous versions of the operating system. You can narrow down the number of settings to only those that work in Windows 8 by using Filters. Keep in mind that this filtering feature will include settings that were designed for earlier operating system but still work in Windows 8.

Once Local Group Policy Editor is up and running, pull down the Actions menu and select the Filter Options command. When you see the Filter Options dialog box, select the Enable Requirements Filters check box, and then select the Windows 8 operating systems check box.

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