Slideshow: Even more new features of Windows 8 File Explorer

You can essentially remove the Ribbon by selecting the Minimize the Ribbon command

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In Part I and Part II of this series, I've been looking at some of the new features in Windows 8's File Explorer. So far I've been focusing on the Ribbon and have examined the three Core tabs titled Home, Share, and View. I then delved into the new set of contextual tabs, which appear based on the location or type of object that you have selected in File Explorer, and then provide you with groups of appropriate commands. The contextual tabs include Computer, Drive Tools, Search, Libraries, HomeGroup, Network, and File Type. While the Ribbon and its tabs are the most noticeable new features in Windows 8's File Explorer, there are other new features that you'll want to get to know.

In this edition of the Windows Desktop Report, I will introduce you to some of the other new features Windows 8's new File Explorer.

Minimizing the Ribbon

While the Ribbon is a great feature, there are going to be times when you'll be working on straightforward file management tasks and will need more space for displaying files. Fortunately, when those occasions occur, you can minimize the Ribbon such that it only appears when you want it to. To do so, right-click just about anywhere on the Ribbon and select the Minimize the Ribbon command, as shown in Figure A



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Sorry MSFT, but from a usability and layout perspective, Win XP Explorer/File Manager still rocks. I can easily change the sidebar, I do not have to puddle around with "Libraries" but instead with "real" folder. Using both Win XP and Win 7, I can't see much good in Explorer for 8 - or 7 for that matter. I guess the only area where 7 (and 8?) shines is how it scans and updates your network connected resources. That area is clearly better than XP.

I haven't read anywhere else that this button is back. We are just starting to get a larger percentage of Win 7 machines so I have just started running into not having this button. Bill

What the ...!
What the ...!

I've seen this mentioned incessantly by some. In Win 7 all you have to do is click on the desired folder (in the address bar) above the one you are currently viewing and voila, you are there. You can even move up several levels! W.T.F., people? It's not magic! Just look around.