Windows 8

Slideshow: Install Windows 8 Enterprise for a free evaluation

Install the Download Manager

Upon clicking continue, you'll be prompted to wait while Download Manager begins your download. Since it is unlikely that you have Download Manager installed, you'll be prompted to install it. Once you click the Install The Add-on, be patient as it will take a few moments before you will see anything transpire.

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I have no need for Win8 Enterprise, though I'll move from Win7 to Win8 eventually. Is there anything in Evaluation version of Win8 Enterprise that's not in Win8 Standard or Win8 Pro that I could tuck away to use when I get Standard or Pro?


"Furthermore, there is no way to upgrade from the evaluation to a real Windows 8 version. Your only option is to trash the installation." Yikes

Greg Shultz
Greg Shultz messages in Mission Impossible, the evaluation is locked down and will self destruct in 90 days. ;-)