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SolutionBase: Centralize Novell Open Enterprise Server and Windows authentication using Identity Manager 3

I chose to use the admin user for this purpose. In a production environment, I would create a special role specifically for this purpose

I'm not going to provide screenshots for the next few screens as they are all similar to the shot earlier, but just ask different questions. Table A lists some of the things you'll need to know to answer the questions on the subsequent screens.

When you're done defining parameters for your Active Directory driver, the driver wizard indicates that you need to define a security equivalence for the new driver. Don't skip this step as your driver will simply not work if you do skip the step. Click the option Define Security Equivalences On The Driver and follow the prompts to provide your driver with a security equivalence for an object that has enough rights to perform such actions as creating and deleting users. This is exactly what the driver will be doing. Above illustrates this. For example, when you create a new account in Active Directory, the driver will create that same account in eDirectory.

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