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SolutionBase: Configuring Novell Open Enterprise Server for the first time

I'm installing eDirectory into a new tree

The next step in your system's configuration is the OES setup, which you can perform now, or wait until after the system is completely installed. In the interest of completeness, I will configure my server now. This configuration consists of configuring eDirectory and other formerly NetWare services. I will not show every single configuration screen on this step as they are too many and some are not necessary.

The items that are available for me to configure here are:

  • iManager
  • Health Monitoring
  • Linux User Management
  • eGuide
  • Novell Samba
  • iFolder 3.x (see note below)
  • iFolder Web Access
  • iPrint
  • NetStorage
  • Novell QuickFinder
  • NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) Server
  • Storage Management Services (SMS)

The first OES configuration step is deciding how you want to install eDirectory--into a new tree, or into an existing tree. Since I have no eDirectory implementation on my home network, I'll install a new tree named "example", as you can see in Figure N. After you give the configurator this information, it might take a little time to continue since the installer looks around your network for other installations.

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