Spotlight: Spiceworks network management

Device discovery

A desktop machine discovered by Spiceworks. You can add your own information about this device in the Notes tab.

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Image created by Jack Wallen for TechRepublic.


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OMG, can you imagine having everyhting IT in one place! I came into my job just over a year ago now and there was no IT infrastructure at all in place. What am I doing, where am I going, the network model was last updated when...? All questions and concerns that ran through my head. With a short hop to my favorite search engine and a tapity type of the words "Free Helpdesk Software" a slew of programs came up. But, one in particular caught my eye. Spiceworks. What a cool sounding name. Let's see what it can do.... The rest is history, there is no more mystery, and I can finally keep on top of the multitude of rotating projects. Being able to track, manage, and report from a single tool is invaluable. The interface is pleasing to the eye, and the community. Wow, the community is full of helpful, loveable, and quirky individuals. If you are in the arena for a program that can straighten up your day and help to clear some paperwork off of your desk, check out Spiceworks. The staff are a wonderful bunch of movers and shakers. Always looking to improve their offerings. They are always open to feedback and suggestions as well. So, download it and get running. What's it going to hurt...IT's free!