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Strangest locations for datacenters (photos)

When it comes to datacenters, cold is good. So building a facility in a country with the word 'ice' in its name would seem to make perfect sense.

Verne Global is building a 45-acre datacenter complex in Iceland, on the former Nato airbase of Keflavik, seen here in active service.

Low temperatures all year round will allow the use of fresh air or naturally chilled water for cooling, with Verne Global claiming typical savings of 80 per cent over alternative methods.

All of Iceland's energy is produced by geothermal and hydroelectric energy, creating a 100 percent green power supply for the datacenter.

Iceland's mid-Atlantic location allows for low millisecond connections to London and New York. The area is relatively safe from natural disasters, with Verne Holding claiming the bedrock has very little chance of earthquakes and is situated away from volcanoes.

Photo: US Defense Imagery

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