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Technologia: A Travelog of Netherstorm in the World of Warcraft


One of the two end-game zones included in the Burning Crusade, Netherstorm is divided into seven islands, which are best completed one at a time. Each island has its own quest hub with other quest givers scattered around, usually one or two per island.

Inferious of the Forsaken, an Officer of the Technologia guild will be your guide through this zone. As is typical of his Race, he tends to be crude, but I'll try to keep him under control. Enjoy!

Text: Wally Bahny
Images: World of Warcraft

Wally Bahny
Wally Bahny

What did you think of the format (the point of view of a character rather than a player)? Sorry about the length, but Netherstorm is an involved area!