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Coleco H2H Football

Coleco Head to Head Footall (1980, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 2140)
U. S. Patent # 4,249,734
Invented by: Eric Bromley (according to the patent)
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Also licensed to Sears as Team Play Football. At least 5 different variations are known for this game. They all have the same body style, but have differences in colors (sometimes on buttons) or locations of words. There's is a 6th type in a different body, but this is technically Soccer (U.S. Soccer), it's just the European release, thus it's called Football (last picture).

** Personally, I never liked this game. I didn't like "sharing" the game. Looking back, it seems counter-intuitive to have kids share control of a single unit, but that is what technology gave us then. Two units, connected by a 10' cable would have been better (with quick release, as we know the cable would have been brokenmany times over). I wonder if that was ever tested durig design...?

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