After Hours

The Headless Horseman terrorizes citizens every night at eight o'clock

By Mark Kaelin

One of my favorite things about the World of Warcraft is the way Blizzard (the company the created the online world) keeps things fresh with in-game world events. For what is known as Hallow's End (Halloween out here in the real world) Blizzard has unleashed the Headless Horseman on an unsuspecting player-base. This demented demon terrorizes the small towns where players first start their characters. I took some snap shots of the event to use as motivation for Technologia. Perhaps the guild will accept the challenge of vanquishing the Headless Horseman and ridding the World of Warcraft of this menace -- at least until 8:00 pm.


Mark Kaelin is a CBS Interactive Senior Editor for TechRepublic. He is the host for the Microsoft Windows and Office blog, the Google in the Enterprise blog, the Five Apps blog and the Big Data Analytics blog.


Headless Horseman my foot! This evil fiend was mis-identified - it was in >fact< (dramatic pause) THE GREAT PUMPKIN. Hey! Where are the treats GP?