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Web design: 15 very effective Joomla implementations


Here are 15 examples of effective Joomla CMS web implementations, including several by design and development expert Bas Boerman from The Netherlands. These are my picks for some of the best I've seen.


Ryan has performed in a broad range of technology support roles for electric-generation utilities, including nuclear power plants, and for the telecommunications industry. He has worked in web development for the restaurant industry and the Federal g...


Hi Ryan, As a professional who's found no better way to think about my customers as putting myself "in their shoes", I'm really dumfounded such a website as Tehrepublic has not come to realise (let's not talk about design in the first place) this sequential, endless-walking- and clicking-through tens of pages is not only horrendous, but just wasting my as-much-as-yours precious time. I wish to bring something constructive (after all these years of being part of TechRep). May be just a case where (TehRep) "group policy" could be amended. It would certainly lower the click rate of the site. But what is important?