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Winternals Software's ERD Commander 2005 simplifies system repair

ERD Commander 2005 supports configuring or changing TCP/IP information, which can make the difference between having to reinstall Windows or connecting a failed system to the network where additional troubleshooting tools can be accessed to recover the existing installation

Networking tools

The ERD Commander 2005 Networking Tools are accessed by clicking Start, selecting Networking Tools and clicking the desired utility.

Selecting the File Sharing option opens the Start Network File Sharing dialog box, which enables securely sharing a troubled system's files on the network. Using File Sharing, an administrator can recover a failed system's data over a network. Security comes into play by virtue of the technician's ability to require a username and password, set by the administrator, to access the troubled system's data.

The Map Network Drive feature supports mapping network drives within the ERD Commander 2005 environment. Mapping network drives proves helpful when opening supported console sessions requiring access to files on a network drive and when using the default My Computer and Explorer applications to access network shares holding recovery software, drivers, service packs or antivirus signatures.

TCP/IP settings also can be configured when using ERD Commander 2005. Select TCP/IP Configuration to open an applet enabling IP, DNS, subnet mask, and default gateway addressing information.

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