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  • HP ArcSight Logger: Unify collection, storage, & analysis of logs for security and compliance

    With HP ArcSight Logger you can improve everything from compliance and risk management to security intelligence to IT operations to efforts that prevent insider and advanced persistent threats. This universal log management solution collects machine data from any log-generating source and unifies the data for searching, indexing, reporting, analysis, and...

  • Playbook: HP Logger for Security Compliance and Operations Management

    Uncover and develop new prospects for log management solutions that support Security, Compliance, Operations, and Application development teams. Read more and see how HP Logger solves the problem of log management and value-add versus competitors.

  • HP Security Research Cyber Risk Report 2015

    The HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 brings you the information you need to understand today's threat landscape and how hackers exploit it. Learn the key takeaways and conclusions of this important research.

  • Unifying security and IT operations

    This whitepaper outlines a unified approach across security and operations, articulates why it matters to your enterprise, and provides a foundation for implementing it.

  • Free NFV Certification – For a Limited Time

    Start your New IP journey with free NFV certification. This training includes a 60-day trial download of Brocade Vyatta vRouter so you can create virtualized networks for real-world scenarios. Get ready. Get ahead. Get certified.

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  • Live Webcast: How to Promote Technical People

    Join us for this LIVE Event on: Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Time: 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST It’s easy to give someone a promotion, but it’s not so easy to know whether you are giving it to the right person and whether that person is prepared for...

  • Live Webcast: Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise

    As the pace of technology change increases, you need to continuously — and reliably — deploy updates to your infrastructure while minimizing risk and downtime. To do that, you need repeatability, speed, and visibility into your infrastructure. Automation gives you all three. In this webinar, you'll learn how Puppet Enterprise...

  • Webcast: You Don't Know What You Don't Know! New Insights for Driving Cloud Strategy Through Analyzing Existing Behavior

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure and most of us find it difficult to formulate a strong cloud policy to complement what we’ve been doing in-house because it’s difficult to understand how good we are at managing our existing technologies. In this webinar we’ll explore the world of cloud...

  • Using Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence to Block Unknown Threats

    Enterprises continue to struggle with network breaches, data theft, and other incidents, despite deploying layers of security technologies across their IT environments. One reason for these successful attacks is that many of the threats have never been seen before, and go undetected by traditional security technology. So how can an...

  • Securing SMEs in an evolving Threat Landscape - On Demand Webcast

    According to Symantec, SMEs represented 50% of the population attacked in 2012, whereas in 2013 they represented 61%. In today’s evolving threat landscape it has become important to ensure SMEs keep their data safe, as well as protecting their network from becoming a host for cybercriminals. Not only will an...

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  • Orange Business Services: A Telecom Business Reinvents Itself for the Cloud Era

    When your industry's revenue projections flatten, how can you break away and continue to grow? Learn how Orange Business Services leveraged NetApp storage to reinvent their company by becoming a cloud services provider and exceeded their revenue goals of zero to €500 million by 2015.

  • The Hartree Centre Leads the Way in dDta-Intensive Computing

    Organizations of all sizes need help building clusters and grids to support compute- and data-intensive application workloads. Read how the Hartree Centre is building several high-performance computing clusters to support a variety of research projects.

  • Platform HPC Helps UEA Conserve Energy and Cut Costs

    University of East Anglia wished to create a “green” HPC resource, increase compute power and support research across multiple operating systems. Platform HPC increased compute power from 9 to 21.5 teraflops, cut power consumption rates and costs and provided flexible, responsive support.

  • Swift Engineering—Making Cars go Faster with Platform HPC

    Swift Engineering wanted a solution where they spent more time solving complex problems than administering the system. Cray’s CX 1000 combined with Platform HPC allowed Swift to solve bigger problems with more enhanced graphics with real time speed.

  • Globally Architected, Locally Delivered: Worldwide Media with HP Networking

    Diversified Agency Services serves a global network of marketing services and specialty communication companies. To provide its internal customers and their clients with safe, secure access to applications and services, DAS worked with HP on a multi-year project to consolidate its IT networks and implement HP SDN cloud-enabled networking. These...

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  • Find out who is sucking your bandwidth! Download Bandwidth Analyzer Pack now!

    Is someone or something sucking all your network bandwidth? SolarWinds® Bandwidth Analyzer Pack: Reveals which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth Contains out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, and shows performance statistics in real time via dynamic, drillable network maps Includes multi-vendor support - Analyze Cisco®...

  • Achieve More with Video Collaboration - Cisco CMR

    As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, leaders recognize the benefits and growing impact of video as a key part of business collaboration. Video is becoming more pervasive. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) brings together our industry-leading video conferencing infrastructure and proven, scalable, WebEx cloud...

  • Check Virtualization Health in Minutes. It's FREE!

    It's time for your FREE VMware & Hyper-V Healthcheck with Virtualization Manager. So much change occurs in your VM environment, it can be hard to stay ahead of potential problems like: Storage I/O bottlenecks Memory & CPU over-utilization VM sprawl wasting resources Capacity shortfalls Over & undersized VMs And on...

  • Download - FREE Trial of IP Address Manager from SolarWinds!

    Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your IP space? The explosion of IP-enabled devices in corporate networks has increased the complexity of IP space management beyond what can be handled with spreadsheets or other home-grown tools. SolarWinds IP Address Manager makes it easier than ever to manage and...

  • Download a FREE trial of SolarWinds Application Monitor & find out.

    3 reasons to consider SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor: Out-of-the-box monitoring for almost everything – servers, virtual infrastructure & 150+ apps. Easy customization for your enterprise needs – customize templates, alerts, reports & dashboards. Great value! Baseline thresholds, asset management and specialized SQL monitoring all in 1 product! ...

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