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  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    IT Informatik Case Study

    IT-Informatik chose a full virtualization strategy, based on IBM® PowerLinux™ servers with IBM PowerVM® virtualization and Live Partition Mobility, to manage its SAP hosting services. The new solution slashes IT operational costs by more than 50 percent and enables IT-Informatik to set up new customer environments 80 percent faster.

  • Sponsored By Cisco // Nov 2014

    Case Study - Accelerating Productivity with Cisco ACI

    Learn how Infrastructure-as-a-Service company simplified its data center using Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) approach. Adopting Cisco's ACI, NetApp experienced: • Improvements in the density of throughput and cost per port • Increased productivity of the infrastructure • Integrated visibility and intelligence • Agility enablement of the entire application infrastructure...

  • Sponsored By Samsung // Nov 2014

    Samsung Printing Efficiencies - Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust Case Study

    It's easy in any large organisation for printers and consumables to end up being bought on an ad hoc basis. This piecemeal approach not only costs more, it is time consuming. This is what happened to the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. Learn how Samsung printing solutions assisted the Ipswich...

  • Sponsored By Samsung // Nov 2014

    An Integrated Approach to Optimising Print in a University

    King’s College London is among the top 6 universities in the UK and top 20 in the world. To improve its print service for students and staff, and save money, the College looked for a partner that could help it standardise on one model of printer, provide a proactive print...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014 grows from start-up to world leader

    This case study is exploring how became the world leader in hotel price comparisons. Being a site “developed and born on the cloud” that attracts more than 25 million visitors a month who use the free service to compare hotel prices and make reservations. Download this case and learn...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Case Study: BCBS of Tennessee Cuts Litigation Costs

    IBM value-based archiving solution helps insurer save as much as 1 million USD per case.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Case Study: Major Oil and Gas Producer Cleans Up Legacy Data

    A case study on how a major oil and gas producer saves 35 percent on data storage costs and 30 percent in litigation-related costs by adopting a smarter data discovery and defensible disposal strategy, using IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions.

  • Sponsored By Equinix // Oct 2014

    The Successful Cloud Enabled Enterprise - Your Journey to the Cloud Infopaper

    It’s no secret that more and more businesses are leveraging the power of the cloud. And there’s good reason for that. Cloud computing offers the promise of cost-effective capacity on demand—anytime, anywhere, and on any device. But taking advantage of the cloud’s many benefits isn't as simple as signing...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Forrester Report : The Risks Of DIY Disaster Recovery

    Did you know that without the proper resources in place, managing disaster recovery yourself can put a strain on your budget, your staff and your disaster preparedness? Read this IBM-Forrester global study “The Risks of ‘Do It Yourself’ Disaster Recovery” to learn the critical components that make a disaster...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Pervasive Technology Trends: Implications for your Data Center

    Four technology trends—cloud computing, mobile technology, social collaboration and analytics—are shaping the business and converging on the data center. But few data center strategies are designed with the requisite flexibility, scalability or resiliency to meet the new demands. Read the white paper to learn how a good data center strategy...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Shaspa - Enabling the Internet of Things for Smarter Environments

    Shaspa is a leading vendor of next-generation, smart home and commercial building solutions with the Shaspa Service Framework. Shaspa has partnered with IBM to leverage Informix for an end-to-end solution and service delivery platform for a range of market sectors, starting with a residential gateway platform.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Hildebrand - Harnessing Data Captured from the "Internet of Things" to Deliver Revolutionary New Services

    The Hildebrand Smart platform, built on IBM Informix technologies, captures and analyzes up to 300,000 time series data points per second, enabling real-time insight into big data. The Hildebrand Smart platform - built on IBM® Informix® and using Hildebrand’s unique machine learning extensions - captures, processes and analyzes big data...

  • Sponsored By MobileIron // Oct 2014

    Case Study: Discovery Communications knows no boundaries with MobileIron solutions

    Discovery implemented a MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform to enforce security policies across 2,000 iOS and Android devices, let employees complete HR and financial transactions through a secure mobile web browser, and remotely wipe corporate data from employee-owned devices after employees leave the company.

  • Sponsored By MobileIron // Oct 2014

    Case Study: Philip Morris International mobilises a global workforce with MobileIron solutions

    To support a mobile program that was rapidly growing worldwide, Philip Moris International worked with Nomasis to implement a MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform. PMI uses MobileIron to secure corporate-issued and employee-owned devices, maintain an accurate device count across 60 countries, reset employee passcodes in seconds, and manage its...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi // Sep 2014

    Global Insurance Company Tackles Fraud Detection On-Site With Hitachi Content Platform Software

    Is your enterprise looking for ways to reduce storage costs and delay capital expenditures (capex) with highly scalable public cloud computing services? Today’s top cloud services support enterprises with data encryption, tiering options and attractive, pay-as-you-go pricing. While public cloud services can cut storage costs, they are not cost-effective...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2014

    US Industrial Products Company Enhances Compliance

    This case study explores how one US company was inspired by the TV appearance of IBM Watson to revolutionize their records management company wide, a discovery with far-reaching implications for your organization as well as categorizing content consistently, uniformly and accurately, complying more easily with internal and governmental compliance, and...

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    Mobile Risk Study 2013 - Forbes list of Global 2000

    The Mobile Risk Study 2013 presents the major findings of HP Security Research’s comprehensive dive into today’s cyber vulnerability and mobile threat landscape. It provides information you need to effectively plan your cyber security strategy and deploy your defenses. Download this report to know the report findings of more than...

  • Sponsored By Truphone // Aug 2014

    iBahn Case Study: Understading the challenges of global communications

    iBahn is a global provider of digital information and entertainment systems for the hospitality and meeting industries. With operations in 60 countries across 6 continents, iBahn’s IT Manager was challenged to unify their mobile systems. Find out how Truphone’s global bundles, local presence and seamless switching helps iBahn’s staff to...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Aug 2014

    Multi-format Archive Solution - GDF Suez Case Study

    Learn how EMC provided GDF Suez with a legally sound, multi-archive solution. The case study looks at how InfoArchive offered them integrated admissibility functions and accepted all types of flows and formats, independent of the source application.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Aug 2014

    Reducing Cost for Archiving - Jaguar Land Rover Case Study

    Jaguar Land Rover was facing storage and infrastructure costs related to business applications They also needed to manage structured and unstructured data. Learn how EMC InfoArchive helped JLR implement a scalable, unified platform and project-based archiving system for easy and fast retrieval of structured and unstructured data.