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  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Forrester Report: Surviving the Technical Security Crisis

    As new threats emerge every day, the need for qualified security staff is growing. But there aren't enough people with technical security skills to go around. That gap is leaving organizations exposed. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by IBM, 92% of security leaders...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Under Cloud Cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation

    According to a survey by the IBM Center for Applied Insights and Oxford Economics, business leaders are becoming increasingly focused on the business value of cloud. Although the participant’s cloud strategies differ in terms of scope, platform and delivery models, the chief takeaway from the survey is that cloud is...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Building a Security Incident Response Plan

    Security breaches can cost millions of dollars—but these days they’re virtually inevitable. Every organization needs a formal, documented Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) and it needs to be kept up-to-date. In this executive brief, IBM shares the ten most common shortcomings of CSIPRs and how you can avoid these...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Avoiding the pitfalls of outdated DR plans: Expectations and threats may require new approaches.

    Will your disaster recovery plan work when the time comes? It's a hard determination for any organization to make. But in IBM's experience, the answer is often "no." Disaster recovery plans often fail because organization have based their recovery strategies on outdated assumptions. Read this white paper to learn seven...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Putting Mobile First - Best Practices

    Mobility is now a business fact of life. Will your organization be one with mobile capabilities or a truly mobile enterprise?

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Forrester Report : The Risks Of DIY Disaster Recovery

    Did you know that without the proper resources in place, managing disaster recovery yourself can put a strain on your budget, your staff and your disaster preparedness? Read this IBM-Forrester global study “The Risks of ‘Do It Yourself’ Disaster Recovery” to learn the critical components that make a disaster...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    IBM Security Services Cyber: Security Intelligence Index

    An effective cyber security strategy calls for the latest intelligence on the kinds of attacks that are occurring, who is committing them, and how often they are happening. A new IBM report offers expert insight into a range of security statistics, based on monitoring tens of billions of security events...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Five Myths of Do-It-Yourself: Disaster Recovery

    Learn about the most common faulty disaster recovery assumptions—from insufficient employee work arrangements to the inadequacy of annual or biannual disaster recovery testing.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Forrester Report: Bring ROI to your BYOD

    IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment that companies realized by engaging IBM to implement a “bring your own device” program.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Preparing your Network for the Mobile Onslaught

    Building a mobile collaboration or bring-your-own-device solution requires three things: mobile applications, the mobile devices themselves and the network that underpins them both. Often, the network and its capabilities take a back seat to applications and devices - which can ultimately lead to poor performance or an inflexible infrastructure. Find...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    IDC Report - Managed Services: Business Value

    Research shows that today’s business goals are centered on reducing costs, strengthening customer relationships and improving financial management. The biggest challenges to achieving these goals are lack of skills and investment funds, and inadequate linkages between the IT environment and how business processes are managed. Read this analyst report to...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Case Study :Drivewyze eliminates costly IT infrastructure

    In this recently published case study, you can read about the challenges Drivewyze was facing and why they chose an IBM solution. You’ll also learn how Drivewyze eliminated the need for additional resources to manage its infrastructure, reined in IT costs with a fully managed model and increased customer satisfaction...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Maximizing Your Virtual Environment

    Virtualization is in high demand these days because it reduces costs while increasing business efficiency and agility. But deploying and managing virtualization can be very complicated and, if not done correctly, can lead to issues with network and storage capacity, performance and server sprawl. Read this white paper to learn...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Cloud Services for Dummies eBook

    For business leaders, cloud computing is a cost-effective way to leverage IT resources to prototype and implement strategic change. For your IT organization, the cloud allows it to be significantly more proactive and responsive when it comes to supporting strategic business imperatives. Learn how to take advantage of IaaS and...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    Pervasive Technology Trends: Implications for your Data Center

    Four technology trends—cloud computing, mobile technology, social collaboration and analytics—are shaping the business and converging on the data center. But few data center strategies are designed with the requisite flexibility, scalability or resiliency to meet the new demands. Read the white paper to learn how a good data center strategy...

  • Sponsored By Quintiq // Apr 2014

    DFS improves ATCO scheduling with integrated Quintiq solution

    This case study shows how Deutsche Flugsicherungs GMBH (DFS) improved their ATCO scheduling by implementing Quintiq’s integrated software solution.

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Apr 2014

    Security Analytics: A Required Escalation In Cyber Defense

    In this white Paper, noted industry analyst Richard Stiennon examines the emerging requirement in the ongoing arms race with threat actors. Despite years of investment in multiple layers of security defenses, every organization is still wide open to targeted attacks. It is practically impossible to stop all possible attacks....

  • Sponsored By Nlyte Software // Mar 2014

    Retail Industry Data Center Case Study

    One of the world’s largest home improvement retailers operating four data centers with over 1,500 servers across a national footprint needed to see detailed information on asset location, age, utilization, power requirements and connections at disparate data centers on one screen.

  • Sponsored By Nlyte Software // Mar 2014

    Banking Industry Data Center Case Study

    One of the world’s largest banks with over 1 million square feet of data center space, 25,000 racks and 120,000 servers spread across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific had a goal of replacing 15 percent of data center assets annually.

  • Sponsored By Nlyte Software // Mar 2014

    Consumer Electronics Technology Data Center Case Study

    One of the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology companies running nine data centers on four continents with a capacity of more than 18,000 racks and 350,000 individual servers sought a way to managed their data center infrastructure – which was projected to double or triple in the coming years.