1.800.Flights Takes to the Voxeo Cloud; Provides One-Number Speech Access to Flight Information

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1.800.Flights is the universal number for checking the flight status for commercial airlines nationwide. The company offers services for one hundred and forty one international and domestic airlines. It also covers all one hundred and seventy three international airports as well as four hundred and thirty two domestic commercial airports. This case study discusses the challenges faced by the company for serving this vast network. The company specifically required to introduce a more convenient and simpler way for checking the flight status. This was necessitated due to the increase in flight delays. The company had already recognized the importance of integrating speech recognition technology and flight status database. However, for the implementation of this plan, the company required a standards-based voice application platform. It also required the system to flawlessly integrate with its FlightStats database. The paper also studies the other criterion that the company required to be fulfilled. These criterions included cost minimization and ease of use. The company finally chose Voxeo Prophecy Hosting. The various advantages of the system are that it did not require any upfront investment. The solution was implemented in conjunction with Voxeo partner ICOA. ICOA provided the large speech grammar libraries which were used for designing the voice user interface and applications. The paper studies the procedure for the implementation of the new system and also the advantages associated with it. The new system implementation helped the company in growing their business in a cost-effective way.