21st-century-learning Infrastructure Supported by Intel vPro Technology: Viglen helps Green School drive innovation in learning

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Executive Summary

Established in 1796, the Green School - located on green fields in the heart of Hounslow - appears to be a school with tradition at heart. After talking to Jack Mayhew, Assistant Head Teacher at the Green School, it becomes clear that the school not only takes tradition seriously, it is also committed to driving innovation and supporting student potential using the latest technology.

When the school's computer fleet came to the end of its life cycle in 2007, Mayhew saw it as an opportunity to transform its existing information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure. "The UK Government requires all students to have access to teaching and learning resources on a computer by 2010. I wanted to ensure that our systems were set up to accommodate rapid ICT expansion, without draining our financial resources," he says.

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