A+ Deployed Cable IPTV Using GoBackTV's CMTS-Bypass Solution

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Executive Summary

Based in Denmark, the A+ Group is one of the largest service providers of triple-play telecom. The A+ Group supplies goods like broadband, telephony and TV signals for antenna and housing associations on retail and wholesale basis. After noticing an increased competition from satellite and DSL providers, the A+ Group realized that they need to introduce new services which were in accordance to services as provided by satellite and DSL companies, if have to remain in business. This meant that they not only needed high-speed Internet and telephony service, but they also wanted to have access to FastTV's IPTV service, so they could receive high quality, digital broadcast content (SD and HD), and also be able to request movies on demand. This paper discusses that how with GoBackTV's Cable IPTV solution the A+ Group was able to expand their FastTV service to their cable customers. After indulging in extensive lab and field trials, A+ realized that GoBackTV's Cable IPTV solution suits all their needs the best as it interoperates transparently with the existing FastTV components, including middleware, set top boxes, and conditional access. With the help of GoBackTV's Cable IPTV solution the A+ Group was able to introduce the latest technologies in the field to its cable customers, the benefits and advantages of which were enjoyed by the company and the cable associates. FastTV's IPTV was successfully launched in June, 2008.

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