Advance Computing Expands Market Share With Cross-Platform Solution

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Advance Computing is a company that regularly enlists the services of LANSA. Based at Melbourne, Australia, they have been in the field of providing specialist financial software and consultancy services for over 25 years. They also provide open cross-platform solutions which work in favor of the customers because they are able to deliver information anywhere and anytime without worrying about the security aspect. The company started with a handful of mid range IBM customers and from there the clientele grew sky high, thanks to their partnership with LANSA. They introduced cutting edge features like document management, XML data exchange, uninterrupted internet access and integrating e-mail services. Since the financial industry thrives on accuracy of facts and figures, LANSA provided solutions that enabled integrating different application tools and facilitates modernization. This succeeded in expanding the market share by allowing for cross-platform solutions. The integration of data in real time helped in providing up to date information to their customers and partners. Advance Computing was the first to develop two solutions called MISSION (Mortgage Investment Software System) and CMS (Contributory Mortgage Scheme). Unfortunately at first, it was not good enough to be taken over across the globe because they came out in multiple formats. This was where LANSA stepped in and helped them out with one uniform application that not only increased productivity but enabled data entry to be recorded in one single format. They evolved the MISSION and CMS with a web-based online banking system. Read the paper on how this was succeeded by Advance Computing.