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Aiming for Fast Growth? Changing the Ways of the World?

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This paper is a discussion between a business publication and a Senior Manager of a mobile communications corporation that has gathered an impressive reputation in the Indian telecommunications industry and won several accolades. The senior manager in this paper discusses the telecom industry in India, and the role of his company in this sector. He describes new developments and challenges ahead for the company, and their required solutions. He describes the trajectory of the company and its remarkable increase, and their demand for robust business processes. It describes the IT challenges faced by the company in audit and regulatory compliance management, and in migration from a legacy system to Oracle 11i. The Senior Manager describes their engagement with Pieran, and how they quickly scaled up their team to meet the unprecedented growth experienced by the telecommunications company. Pieran put in place a number of teams to implement processes that coped well with the huge increase in transactions. Now, they manage critical business processes as well as meet conditions by Service Level Agreements, including risk management. The Senior Manager describes how Pieran set up effective delivery teams to manage critical business functions. The team identified key risks associated with the business processes, and implemented mitigating controls to ensure smooth operations.