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Altec Customer Profile

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Altec has been providing workflow management and accounting-related document imaging software solutions since 1985. This case study discusses Altec's need for data capture and mining along with the solution provided by Swiftview. Altec needed a PCL viewer to allow customers to view and reprint documents from the archives. The company's Doc-link is an Integrated Document Management (IDM) system that eliminates paper transactions, enhances communication and increases productivity in processing operations. This paper states that the company finally chose SwiftVeiw after reviewing several print capture technologies. SwiftVeiw deals with the PCL files at the level of an application programming interface. While doing so, it exhibits complete and reliable functionality. The study concludes that SwiftVeiw helps Altec cut down on development time. The company has been able to improve its productivity. It now uses SwiftPublish to author its PCL files for window applications. PCL later descrambles the content. According to Altec, SwiftVeiw renders quickly and manipulates PCL files while at the same time remaining easy-to-use for customers. Altec can customize the interface of SwiftVeiw to control what kind of data the users see. SwiftVeiw has provided accurate and fast selection of pages for searching and reprinting. Finally, SwiftVeiw's intervention has simplified printstream usage.