AstraZeneca Optimises Research Collaboration Solution With Interoperable Technology

Date Added: Oct 2009
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Employees at AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company based in the United Kingdom (U.K.) use a system called the Global Electronic Library (GEL), to create, manage, publish, and track all Pharmaceutical Regulatory Documents. The GEL client, called GEL Explorer, was due for replacement and in 2007; AstraZeneca began reengineering the solution's infrastructure. The new version of GEL Explorer will be delivered as a set of services based on interoperable Microsoft technologies, including the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework and Windows Communication Foundation. AstraZeneca believes that when this business-critical application is deployed, it will deliver multiple benefits - including reducing costs, enhancing drug research, increasing collaboration with external partners, and making it easier to comply with complex regulatory requirements.