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Athens International Airport Increases System Performance by 800% and Cuts Support Costs by 30%

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Executive Summary

This case study provides an insight into the initiatives taken by Athens International Airport in collaboration with Oracle to cut support costs by thirty percent and increase system performance by a whopping eight hundred percent. Athens International Airport was able to achieve this despite being one of Europe's busiest Airports that handled as many as two hundred and ten thousand flights to one hundred and thirteen destinations across the world in year 2009. The paper details the challenges faced by Oracle while trying to achieve this feat and the solutions provided. Some of the challenges that were provided solutions for were improvement in performance of the oracle database structure that supports almost seventy percent of airport systems including some of the highly critical systems. This solution also helped in building an efficient enterprise architecture that has the required scalability to support an average 20% growth in freight and passenger volumes; eliminating any possibility of outages in the round-the-clock airport environment. It also aided cutting down the long term cost of ownership in case of vendors and improvement in employee productivity by leveraging the advances made in Oracle technology in recent times. Thereafter the paper details solutions provided by Oracle in overcoming these challenges effectively.

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