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Avalanche Increased Ad Revenues, Shaved Ad-Serving Costs, and Reduced Downtime With Google Ad Manager

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Executive Summary

Avalanche launched its flagship site, Date.com, on Valentine's Day, 1997. In 2008, a little more than 10 years later, an average of one couple each week marries after meeting on Date.com or sister sites Matchmaker.com - targeted at middle-aged consumers - and Amor.com - designed for the Hispanic community. Date.com's primary goal was to help single people worldwide find their soul mate and make their relationships successful through online advice. But managing ads across all three sites soon became burdensome. The Date.com team experienced intermittent disruptions in service, frequent technical issues as well as several hours of downtime each week. Avalanche deployed Google Ad Manager that is sleek, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface makes managing ad campaigns easy. Also, new campaigns can be set up quickly, with no downtime.

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