Avg and Watchguard Partnership to Deliver a No-Compromise Gateway Anti-Virus Solution

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In computer systems worldwide, viruses and other forms of malware are among the leading causes of lost data, corrupted PCs, damaged applications, and loss of productivity. WatchGuard Technologies has been a leader of advanced technology business security solutions since 1996. It has successfully provided mission-critical protection to thousands of businesses worldwide. WatchGuard selected AVG to provide their customers with a no-compromise gateway anti-virus solution to best protect their networks, applications and data. All WatchGuard Firebox and XTM multifunction firewalls have the ability to deliver high-speed deep packet inspection, stateful packet inspection and proxy-based protection. Creating the optimal foundation for a defense-in-depth security architecture, the combination was best for its clients. Adding to this, WatchGuard provides gateway anti-virus for businesses that want to foster a virus-free work environment right from the entry point of the network. The AVG engine smartly uses a combination of known virus detection and heuristic analysis to scan e-mail and web traffic at the gateway. This provides front-line defense and protection against viruses, worms, spyware, rogueware and trojans. With the availability of efficient and secure anti-virus capabilities at the gateway, businesses can dramatically reduce PC infection rates before individual end-user computers can be infected within their networks.