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SA Eagle is the fourth-largest short-term insurer in South Africa. It is a member of the Zurich Financial Services Group. Like all insurance companies, SA Eagle too banks on its data and customer records. It is important for the company to be able to back up and restore all its data for its daily functioning, as well as be able to help with insurance investigations. It is also vital that they meet the disaster recovery regulatory requirements. SA Eagle was facing issues relating to backing up its data reliably. Myriad systems were being used for overnight backups, which was a time consuming and inefficient affair. These backups did not necessarily complete by morning, sometimes leaving the company without backups. This led to cumulative problems and insufficiency of information. The company's indigenous staff and their customers country-wide were both equally affected due to this. They needed a solution which was reliable and long-term. After evaluating their options, SA Eagle installed an HP Storage Works 6000 Virtual Library System, which backs up to virtual tape drives and accelerates backup performance in complex SAN environments while improving overall reliability. The results after this installation were extremely satiating. The backup success rates improved from 98.32% to 99.99%. The Disaster recovery capabilities also improved. SA Eagle realized the ability to contain or reduce tape costs.