Data Management

Backup Technology Case Study: The Bank of Gen Burnie

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

The Bank of Glen Burnie is one of the largest Independent Banks in Maryland. They were challenged by increasing amounts of data at its main branch location. They needed a faster method of backing up of data because it was taking more than an entire night to complete all their backups. They considered purchasing another tape based unit, but this solution was not optimal. Other than tape as an alternative, the bank was considering backing up using disk based backup or NAS. With this the tape was still required to take their data offsite. Because they were a financial institution, the bank had offsite data storage requirements too and AS meant continuing to use tape. However, this solution was also not fitting their critical backup needs. The Bank of Glen Burnie implemented Idealstor's 4 Bay backup appliances. The 4 Bay allowed them to quickly backup their data in a much shorter time. The 4 Bay was also able to easily store the increasing amount of data they were backing up and still have the scalability and room for growth to back up additional data. The bank also now has a scalable solution that has the added storage capacity they need as their data grows. The 4 Bay can backup up to 1.6TB native and 3.2TB using compression (Assuming 400GB capacity IDE drives).