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Bandwidth Bandit - Off Site Backup Case Study

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Executive Summary

Not everyone has a 50GB requirement but as faster broadband technologies come along at cost effective prices more and more people will use an offsite on-net backup facility which will in turn drive bandwidth usage. The amount of backup and storage capacity required by a business is to a large extent dependant on the nature of that business. As a rule of thumb the larger the amount of data that needs backing up on a daily basis the more critical that data is likely to be for a business. An organization which regularly processes a large amount of financial transaction or billing data is going to need a lot more than somewhere whose main concern is the safekeeping of CRM data and perhaps the security of information on individual PCs. One of the big drivers for bandwidth usage is offsite backup and storage. Backing up 50GB over the 2 Mb connections was going to take 555 hours. This was not a practical proposition. The company has just put in a 100Mb leased line. The time taken to perform the backup would now be 11 hours which makes an overnight run a real proposition. One of Timico's customers performs a 50GB daily backup to tape as a regular process. This seems to be the best way to have fresh communications daily.

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