Battle Ready: Revolutionizing Major Weapon System Production For A Major Global Aerospace And Defense Company

Date Added: May 2010
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When this aerospace and defense company landed a major military contract, it needed to develop a global production model to deliver a major weapon system faster, and more efficiently. Deloitte helped the company in its efforts to find a way to increase throughput by a factor of 20 in less than four years and potentially generate billions of dollars in benefits. These improvements were crucial for the company to meet its customer's targets for affordability, quality and schedule. Every manufacturer wrestles with challenges of production scale. When your product is one of the most advanced weapon systems in the world, and you've committed to delivering up to 20 times more of them than you do today, the challenges are amplified significantly. Working side by side with executives, suppliers and production team members, we helped them develop a pilot program to demonstrate it was possible to build one weapon system per day. To make this transition, the company would have to completely transform its production and supply chain practices, develop a next-generation workforce and leadership team, and overhaul its information infrastructure. Deloitte helped the company define the overall production system, the governance needed to make it work, and a detailed implementation roadmap for managing the transition to full-rate production. With our comprehensive pilot program as a model, this company has taken a major step toward achieving its aggressive goal of producing one weapon system per day. Just as important, the new production system is designed to meet key requirements for affordability, quality and safety.