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BCS Gets Ongoing Value From LANSA

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Executive Summary

This case study studies the PMS system employed by Body Corporate Services (BCS). BCS deals in the title transfers business. In the beginning, the company employed readymade strata management solutions. However with the increase in its scope of business, the company had to implement its own systems. This paper delves into the impact of such change in the technology. The company now uses LANSA-based PMS system for taxation, billing and financial papering. According to this paper, the company made a smooth transition and now is using LANSA Integrator for further enhancing its efficiency. The company's Remote Function Invocation also uses LANSA technology. BCS also makes use of the LANSA Integrator. The paper studies the impact of Integrator on the company's efficiency levels. The company is also using the same technology for better management of its paper work, where LANSA is used for exchanging and generating PDF version of legal papers. The paper states that this technology has helped BCS in creating a better workflow in its management processes. With this technology, the company is now expanding its footprints in overseas markets as well. The company has largely solved its paper and invoice management by automating its systems. The paper elucidates the entire process adopted by the company to automate its workflow.

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