Data Management

BERNMOBIL Running Smoothly With Efficient Unified Storage and Faster Data Security From NetApp

Date Added: May 2010
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BERNMOBIL operates three tram services and 19 bus and trolley services in Berne, Switzerland. Efficiency and customer friendliness are the premises under which BERNMOBIL operates. As a service provider, BERNMOBIL literally transports the whole city and is responsible for transporting passengers in a smooth and service-oriented manner. BERNMOBIL wants to modernize and increase efficiency of data center operations. BERNMOBIL chose VMware to overcome these challenges. They implemented centralize data storage on NetApp FAS unified storage with disk-to-disk backup. The results of choosing NetApp were high availability, efficient disk backup using Snapshot technology with rapid backup, lower administration costs and flexible expandability and simplified allocation of resources for the SAP portal's test, integration, and production systems.