Bluewater Power Leads The Way For Small And Mid-sized Utilities

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Executive Summary

A progressive utility company providing electrical distribution and related services to over 34,000 customers in Southwestern, Ontario, headquartered in Sarnia, Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation (BWP) derives all its revenue from the distribution of electricity and related services. The only utility company allowed by regulation to sell electricity to the region's customers BWP met its first competitors when the Ontario government opened the market to competition. To support the need to provide billing services for other retailers, BWP SAP as its ERP and customer care platform.BWP knew it had made the right decision when the system's robust functionality was successful in helping the company as interfacing with other retailers and ensuring that bills were being produced correctly. BWP volunteered to become the first utility in North America and second in the world to upgrade to SAP Enterprise 4.7/IS-U 4.72.The challenge lay in the area of human resources- the company has a small IT department, with a small army of technical personnel to assign to the upgrade team, and lacked the depth of resources required to fully support and maintain the SAP system moving forward. The solution lay in outsourcing as the bulk of the work would be done remotely from Deloitte's solution centre in Markham, Ontario, with benefits such as cost-effectiveness where jobs were taken at client sites, which led to a decrease in travel. The second was accelerated ramp-up that included many of the navigational and testing activities themselves which accelerated the learning and change management processes.

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