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Boddie-Noell Manages Over 380 Restaurants With LANSA

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Headquartered in North Carolina, Boddie-Noell Enterprises Inc. (BNE) is a diversified, family owned company with interests in a variety of restaurants. BNE uses Visual LANSA Framework for virtually all its development in the restaurant business. The systems are flexible and user friendly and help them to manage over 380 restaurants across five brands with a small group of managers and accounting staff. BNE also develops commercial and resort properties and since the late eighties been running its restaurant business on an IBM mainframe with in-house developed applications, but the systems lacked flexibility. One of the first applications that BNE developed with Visual LANSA Framework was the Unit Master application, which serves as the anchor for all other applications. It houses all of BNE's restaurants with links to the brand they belong to and a variety of codes and parameters that direct the system how to process transactions for each restaurant. Next to using online analysis, BNE also uses Visual LANSA batch reporting to provide restaurant managers, district managers and other management tiers with consolidated sales, marketing and purchase information. Now that most of the restaurants have broadband access, BNE is planning to provide applications over the Web. The easy-to-learn Visual LANSA Framework and availability of newer versions make LANSA a surety for the future tasks of BNE.