Bond Pearce: Automating Windows XP Builds and Reducing IT Support Costs by 75 Percent

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ENGL, United Kingdom, wanted to automate the Microsoft Windows XP build process at Bond Pearce. Bond Pearce is a reputable firm that specializes in commercial law and has a 600-strong staff. ENGL is Europe's Leading ZENworks specialist and the company was using a Novell NetWare environment. ENGL planned to upgrade to Windows XP from Windows 95. Based on an analysis of the situation, it was identified that the process of building and managing desktops needed to be automated and this would require a bespoke software solution which would deliver the highest return on investment and could be embedded across all its operating systems. This case study describes how ENGL used ZENworks utilities and the 'Smart Windows Deployment' methodology to implement Windows XP efficiently at the Exeter office branch chosen for the pilot. The case study highlights that the partnership between ENGL and Bond Pearce allowed the latter to automate the build process required for its Microsoft Windows XP upgrade as well as reduce the administrative costs of its Information Technology team by more than 75%. Other benefits included freeing up of server disk space, worldwide Windows XP rollout readiness, remote PC support that would maximize resources, and support for Bond Pearce's promise of an optimal working environment for its team.