Business Intelligence

BPR for a South African Government Agency

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Executive Summary

Tourism is detrimental to the success of any nation and that is why a prominent Government Tourism Office in Provincial South Africa turned to Mahindra Satyam for improving their business process. This case study deals with how they solved all the major issues in their office by turning to Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) solutions. The Government agency aimed to bring about dramatic changes in critical areas of speed, cost, service and quality by incorporating contemporary measures. Once the agency turned to Mahindra, the numerous challenges they faced were solved with ease and once more the office was back on track. Major challenges faced by the company were due to their unsophisticated business processes and they needed re-working in all the major departments. When Mahindra accepted this government office as their client, they were faced with lack of proper data, information and even proper records. The client never had any business analysis done before. Miscommunication between relevant parties was rampant and most of the time important information was never even transmitted. The solution that Mahindra came up with is called BPR and it was deployed effectively. Efficiency was greatly improved and information was sent across the clients in a timely manner. With BPR the Government agency sought to reduce overhead cost. Mahindra trained their client to improve the work efficiency of their staff and carry out business operations in a successful manner.

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