BWMK Transforms to an IT Services Business Model

Behinderten-Werk Main-Kinzig e.V. (BWMK) is a German social institution that supports people with disabilities and handicaps by providing meaningful work for them. BWMK decided to expand into the IT services market, specifically, scanning and archiving data for large businesses. BWMK needed assistance in implementing an end-to-end IT infrastructure and new business processes to support its transition into IT services. IBM and BWMK evaluated and chose the right solutions, equipment and business processes for launching the new business. IBM set up the BWMK infrastructure, and then helped BWMK to pilot the first customer project, helping to fetch the paper documents from BWMK's customers, scan the documents, evaluate and adapt the data and hand the data and paper documents back to BWMK's customers.

Provided by: IBM Topic: Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: HTML

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