Caltex Pumps Up Service Stations With Global Retail Automation Retail Network

Caltex was formed in 1936 based on a sealed partnership between Chevron Corporation and Texaco, Inc. The company needed to better integrate its global network of retail service stations, standardize technology, and lower overall costs. To master these needs Caltex chose Fujitsu Philippines. Fujitsu Philippines provided the new Fujitsu touch-screen Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems, the first pieces of the Global Retail Automation Network (RAN). Fujitsu has helped Caltex to reduce the number of POS suppliers to save money through bulk purchases and easier support. Choosing this best-of-breed POS hardware solution allows Caltex to support its legacy applications, and it acts as a stepping stone to next-generation touch-screen systems that can use the same hardware.

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