Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Consolidates and Upgrades IT System for Greater Efficiencies and Performance With Solution From Mainline

Date Added: Jul 2009
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Carnegie Museums is comprised of four major museums in and around Pittsburgh. Their challenges were aging and inefficient infrastructure which increased maintenance and computing costs. Decentralized management, high-power consumption with storage inefficiency, capacity limitations and large footprint. Carnegie Museums network administrator decided to consolidate operations and upgrade much of the system. They chose Mainline Information Systems to overcome these challenges. The Mainline team recommended the consolidation of some 40 of the 50 legacy servers on multiple campuses into two IBM Blade Center H Chassis, 10 IBM HS 21 Blades, 2 IBM JS 21 Blades, using VMware. The results of deploying Mainline solutions were consolidated and optimized storage, hardware and virtualization, increased performance and IT service levels and reduced power consumption and footprint with lower TCO.