Data Centers

Case Study: Designing an Ideal Data Center From the Ground Up

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This case study talks about the challenges and problems that are faced by small and medium-sized businesses for developing the facilities and infrastructure of any IT organization. Discussed in this report is the planning and resources used by The Regional Cancer Center (RCC) to create a new data center for the company. This paper mentions and discusses the improvements both operational and from a clinical perspective for attaining all the services online. The IT infrastructure of the center has been carefully planned keeping in mind all the essential supplementary resources. The new data center and the updated infrastructure created at RCC have enabled the organization to meet the needs of scaling, bandwidth and servers. Being the healthcare provider, the company required to meet the needs of quick data availability, long-term retention of data and images, instant recovery of diagnostic centers, and disaster recovery development. The new data centre provided the organization with enough ability to ensure a dependable operating environment. It offers the company with a fire suppression system and a UPS to be used during power during short cuts. This provision for the backup generator keeps the data center running during longer outages. This paper informs about the electronic medical records and cone beam CT that are two new applications adopted by the changed infrastructure of the data center.