Case Study: Global Mobility For Global Leadership

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Executive Summary

A leading global company with world-spanning business was in the need of leaders with a world-spanning perspective. Pertaining to this demand, it decided to revamp its global mobility program to better give promising talent the international knowledge and experience they needed to assume future leadership roles. Every year, this company spent tens of millions of dollars to support international job assignments, not just as a way to get the right people to positions in more than 100 countries, but also to give promising talent the international experience and global perspective they needed to lead a worldwide organization. However, the company was not sure as to whether the global mobility program was delivering the development benefits the company needed or not. Also, the company had no formal procedures to evaluate the impact of an international assignment on an assignee's development. To better use global mobility as a development tool, the company, with Deloitte's assistance, developed a framework to help managers select the right candidates for international assignments and match them with appropriate jobs. This framework rightly guided the managers in determining the appropriate type of assignment (e.g., long-term expatriate, short-term, local transfer) to meet their business and talent objectives and make value-driven decisions about international deployment. To take the integration of mobility and talent further, the company also created a program that identifies high-potential leadership candidates, evaluates their development needs and places them in positions across the global organization that will help them gain the skills they need to take on leadership roles.

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