Case Study: Microsoft Windows Server and Windows Vista Upgrade Testing

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Anue GEM: 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet Network Emulator, a leading testing team for IT applications, helped The Tolly Group by providing analysis on the newly applied features in various operating systems based on expert suggestions and tests. The Tolly Group is a well-renowned third party services provider of various IT products and applications. In the year 2008, Tolly Group carried out a series of tests on various newly launched and improved products and operating systems from Microsoft such as Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. The principle aim of the study was to see how these products performed when put into work under the WAN and LAN environments. The tests were required to be conducted at least 48 times in order to test the features in various different scenarios and environments. This case study describes how efficiently Anue GEM performed with regards to carrying out efficient testing procedures once hired by The Tolly Group's testing team. The study shows the ways in which Anue Gem had put Microsoft products at various bandwidths and environments of LANs and WANs in order to predict analytical results on the performance of these products. This paper also suggests how Anue GEM revealed significant results of the test that helped The Tolly Group to provide customer Microsoft with reliable product analysis.