Case Study: Orion Supports Several Licensing Scenarios in the Financial Industry for NumeriX

Date Added: Jan 2010
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NumeriX had been using in-house-developed licensing tools to manage and protect their applications since 1996. NumeriX decided to outsource licensing to a third party vendor who could provide a more robust scalable solution that offered not only node-locked licenses but also concurrent or floating-license options. To support all their required platforms for C/C++ applications, NumeriX took advantage of Agilis's Porting Program, which allows ISVs to port the Orion C/C++ client library to any platform that is not currently supported by Agilis. With Agilis's technical assistance, NumeriX readily ported the Orion C/C++ client library to a number of non-standard platforms and IDE's, such as IBM's AIX and VisualAge.