Data Management

Case Study: Tech North Solutions

Date Added: Mar 2010
Format: PDF

Tech North Solutions is a managed services provider based in British Columbia, Canada. It delivers online, offsite and disaster recovery solutions to several industry verticals including large industrial clients, local government offices, and home consumers. Unreliable backup technologies had resulted in numerous cases of data disasters. Some customers previously had implemented tape and disk based backup solutions using full-fledged servers on-site and continually ran into problems with restores, tape replacements and business continuity protection. To tackle this, they decided to upgrade to a better data backup solution that was smarter, easier to monitor and one that could be sold as a service. They zeroed in on StoreGrid . It was reliable, easy to deploy and played nice with both Windows and Linux. They now generate a margin of over 100% on the software license alone and over 50% on the services as a whole. StoreGrid helped Tech North Solutions realize the power of SaaS and after implementing StoreGrid for many of their SMB customers, continual revenue from the managed backup services is being generated. They are now planning to roll out the Online Backup Service powered by StoreGrid to all of the SMB customers. They are also looking at using the Amazon Cloud AMI version of StoreGrid, hosted on Amazon servers to eliminate the reliance on the hardware resources.