Case Study: Tekla's Workforce Roams Free With Everyday Mobile Solutions

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Executive Summary

An efficient information security system has the ability to provide secure use of Windows Mobile Devices in businesses. This case study discusses the how Tekla Corporation used F-Secure information security solutions for their Windows mobile devices. Tekla Corporation is an international software company that uses modern mobile technology to offer improved communication facilities to its employees and for creating a higher degree of accessibility between its customer service and sales staff. The case study discusses how Tekla found Windows Mobile smartphones to be user-friendly and efficient devices. It also takes a look at how F-Secure's solution helped ensure business continuity and handling of sensitive data in a risk-free manner outside of its fixed networks. The case study suggests that by developing its own software, Tekla gained enough expertise in deploying mobile technology for its workforce and with the same tools as available on its workstations. It indicates that with a focus on Microsoft's latest mobile technology, Tekla chose Windows Mobile 5.0 with a HTC device platform; and it highlights how this provided Tekla with every service required, seamlessly integrating into the organization's existing Microsoft platform necessitating no additional investment. The study highlights that F-Secure's solutions helped Tekla in protecting its entire Information Technology Environment, which included mobile users, from malware. The features of new solution included authentication of users and benefits included reduced communication response times.

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