Case Study: The HTTP Denial of Service Protection Feature Fails Because of Faulty JavaScript

This case study attempts to study the causes of failure of HTTP Denial of Service Protection (HDoSP) after the upgradation to NetScaler software released 8.1 from NetScaler appliance software. In the new scenario, the client's web browser had entered continuous loop and was not displaying the required web page. The paper examines the software and hardware aspect of the problem to properly understand the core issues. The components used included software release 8.1, 10010 appliances and HDoSP. The paper also takes a look at the methodology adopted for solving the problem. The customer was requested to release information regarding traces, news log and configuration files. Simulated client environment was created and studied in the laboratory. The paper enumerates step by step procedure adopted by engineers. These steps included enabling the HDoSP features and then configuring the policy with a QDepth value. Simulated environment helped the engineers in finding the exact causes behind the problem. The paper then proceeds to study the solutions found out by the engineers. It concludes that the failure was caused due to faulty JavaScripts, which were not understood by web browsers and therefore the browser used to end up in a loop.

Provided by: Citrix Systems Topic: Project Management Date Added: Feb 2010 Format: HTML

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