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When was the last time one backed-up all the important files on the hard disk? Does one have a backup copy of those precious photos taken on the last holiday, of the resume and other important documents one has created, or of the favorite music and movies? While most computer users admit backing up materials is important, few people actually do so - until it is too late and the damage has been done. By minimizing the risk of loss, backing-up the files is similar to taking out an insurance policy on the data. Now, with GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition, one will never have to worry if your hard disk fails or a virus wipes out your data. Some solutions available include email archiving, event log management, network monitoring, vulnerability scanning, starch management, portable storage and device control. Why chose the GFI Backup home edition? Mainly for secure backup of all your important files for free, the easy-to-use wizard-driven interface that is perfect for beginners, to restore data in minutes using common ZIP format, back up to nearly any storage device, and a fully-featured backup solution. Home based customers who have used the GFI backup say that it is a great service to home PC users. One customer was looking for a sync solution and found this backup software great.

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