CHP Leverages LANSA's Technology Insurance

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Established in 1990, CHP Consulting is a leading provider of software and consulting services to the global asset finance industry. With its business logic written in LANSA, CHP's ALFA Systems solution has become an industry standard in supporting asset finance, vehicle finance and consumer finance operations at top banks, equipment manufacturers and finance companies. ALFA was devised considering all aspects of the business, from initial contact with prospective clients to responding to detailed queries on the support desk. Developed as a superior solution that was flexible and scalable, it provides a productive development environment that could take care of the underlying complexities and also save the consultants from non-essential technological complexities. Due to its scripting in LANSA, ALFA does not require user exit programs. LANSA is an exclusive tool that can handle the mathematics that are required for complex financial calculations without having to use 3GL (3rd Generation Language) routines. With an evolving format, LANSA can also offer new technologies without having to re-develop existing logic. Over the years, ALFA has been using various versions of LANSA. Offering an enormous advantage, LANSA Client understands the ALFA database navigation, speaks simple English and has field level help. Covering a project range from a few months to multi-million dollar projects, Visual LANSA delivers on-time and on-budget for every implementation.