Compu-Call Accelerates IBM Printer Business With LANSA

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This case study is aimed at Compu-Call that is one of the biggest distributors of IBM printers and printing solutions. A certified IBM Business partner, Compu-Call offers iSeries and xSeries solutions to customers in Northeast. This paper discusses LANSA Commerce edition that is used by the company's printer division to extend their infor daily commerce ERP solution with business-to-business customer self-service, merchandizing, and management. The website for IBM Printer division using LANSA was up and in operation in six weeks and has been helpful in getting improved customer service and also noticeably improved delivery amounts. This paper also talks about the improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction for Compu-Call after the execution of LANSA-based web extensions. This solution allows customers to order equipment online in real- time and also leads to immediate shipment via the customer's selected method. Discussed in this paper are the challenges, features, and benefits of using LANSA for IBM printer business. With the growth and modification of the web solutions, Compu-Call utilizes LANSA Commerce Edition that is integration between the core solution and the web site. This paper states that LANSA works in real-time on the same data as the ERP system and also runs on the same machine. Easy to use and simple to operate, LANSA does not add any complexity to the IT infrastructure.