Construction Materials Retailer Expects to Boost Employee Productivity by 20 Percent

Date Added: Dec 2009
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Divisions of the W?rth Group used disparate messaging solutions including Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Yahoo! Mail, and Google Gmail. In 2009, Wurth Handelsges.mbH in Austria engaged HP Technology Services and Be-IT Solution to deploy a centralized e-mail solution for employees in Austria and Slovenia based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. The new system provides capabilities that transform how employees manage messaging. For example, users have one inbox for e-mail, voice-mail, and instant messages. They can also manage their inbox with spoken commands and view text previews of voice-mail messages. With the new solution, Wurth plans to boost productivity by 20 percent, scale mailbox size by 900 percent, and deliver e-mail to the employees in Slovenia without increasing costs.